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Created 12-May-14
27 photos

I hope to get the recital photos online soon. As I work through the photos I will add some of my favorites to this gallery just for you have something to look at. I loved the show and the opportunity to try to record some memories. Thanks to the dancers for the entertainment and enjoyment in getting to watch you perform. Please drop me a message if you have any questions or request. Hope to see you over the summer, please say hello if you see me.
_MG_2473_MG_3526_MG_4530 - Version 2_MG_4666 - Version 4_MG_4666IMG_7196 - Version 2IMG_7213_MG_5250_MG_6180_MG_6703_MG_7320_MG_8022_MG_8076 - Version 2_MG_8098_MG_8192_MG_8643_MG_8990 - Version 2_MG_0305_MG_0313_MG_1708

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