Brian Maloney Photography is a life long love of photography that has recently come to fruition. Growing up I would love to sit and watch my father's slide shows of family and his duty stations while in the Air Force. I think I was the only one that would stay awake through the entire show. I began photography with a few lessons from my dad and then borrowing his Retina, I would almost always shoot Kodachrome 64 (slides and subject of Paul Simon's song). Through high school and college I would shoot friends, landscapes while backpacking in Colorado and my involvement in various seminars and projects. My senior year of high school I was involved in an outdoor experiential seminar. My director asked me why I was taking so many pictures. Being the quick and creative teen (some would refer to it as being a smart ass) I responded, "I'm not taking pictures, I'm taking notes on memories". I liked the phrase and the truth behind it. Hence Notes On Memories is my email, my by line and the legal entity for Brian Maloney Photography.

My venture into digital came one day while I was photographing my oldest son racing boardercross (snowboards). I saw another parent along the coarse taking photos and then checking the back of her camera. I asked her what she was doing and was impressed with the instant feedback you get with a digital camera. From that point I was sold; I bought a used Canon Rebel off eBay and have been hooked ever since.

My photography finds me today focusing on people and events. I enjoy the time getting to know the individual, trying to capture the personality with my camera. The lifestyle shots are my favorite, catching the individual relaxed and interacting with their friends, family and surroundings. Through my photography I had the opportunity to meet families, cowboys, athletes, ballerinas, teens and even an angel. On this website you will see the galleries of my different shoots. Some are restricted and others are open to the public. I am currently working on a website for my personal work that I will notify release of through Brian Maloney Photography-Facebook (I am not good at keeping this current). Thanks for looking. I would l love to talk to you if you have need of a photographer or just want to talk shop or even just want to talk, I'll buy the first coffee. Give me a call. Take care and may God Bless. - Brian